Gaming Support

We’ve all been there. You are having a great time on your PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, when suddenly your controller stops syncing or your system can’t get online. Or worse, it stops turning on at all.

Techiessquad has a long-standing love affair with the gaming industry. Since our inception in the market, we have worked with many clients in the gaming industry, both market leaders and smaller publishers. We provide video game support for all game types regardless of platform or genre. From MMO to FPS and from PC to console, VR, and Mobile Game Support, we have it covered.

Gamers are one of the most demanding and strong groups of customers. They play games around the clock and expect video game support to be available at any time, in their own language, on the channel they choose. We, the team of Techiessquad, fully understand the specific requirements of companies in the gaming industry as no two games are the same and each gaming company has its own preferences in terms of support channels.

We, the expert and experienced technicians at Techiessquad help the players help themselves. Gamers are one of the most tech savvy customers. That is why, when they face any issue relating to the games they are playing, first they try to solve it themselves so that they can keep playing as quickly as possible. Next to assisting the players directly, we help our clients to build and maintain a complete set of self-service options. When applying intuitive and up-to-date self-service options, you can help customers faster while reducing the need of having to contact support.

Techiessquad provides you with both the technical framework and the knowledge to realize this, enabling our clients to offer a complete but highly efficient set of customer support channels, which optimizes the time, needed to resolve the issues and reduces incoming support request.